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Air Duct Cleaning Services

Residential Air Duct Cleaning

Our successful Residential Duct Cleaning Process from Elshadai Business Solution. We take the necessary steps to ensure top quality results every time.

Industrial Air Duct Cleaning

Proper cleaning and maintenance of your commercial air ducts and industrial HVAC can increase air flow, improve indoor air quality, make stronger customer relationship.

Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning

If you use washers and dryers at your commercial property, call Elshadai Business Solution! Our commercial dryer vent cleaning can improve air quality, prevent fires.

BPO Services

Call Center Services

Our Contact Center Inbound Services are based on superior product and industry knowledge that we possess in the offshore call center services industry.

Data Management Services

Our team of experienced data management professionals backed by state-of-the art technology can obtain data from virtually

Content Management Services

Our content development services can give your organization’s website, brochures, catalogs and other marketing ventures a competitive edge.

Back Office Processing

Elshadai back-office processing includes accounting and human resource services. elshadai can assume the complete accounting, billing and collections process.

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The Elshadai Business Solution Private Limited will inspire its employees to be the best they can be. We will engage in sustainable practices and anticipate the need of our customers. We will maximize return to the company while still maintaining quality in our services. Our vision is to bring our agents into the 21st century through innovation and modern technology. Working with our enhanced with computer software and technical games that will allow agents to proceed at their own rate according to their ability.


“Elshadai Business Solution Private Limited” mission statement:  To achieve our objectives in an environment of fairness honesty, and courtesy towards our client’s employee’s vendors and society at large. To help customers achieve their business objectives by providing innovative best-in-class consulting, IT solutions and services.


Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s

How often should you have your air ducts cleaned?

When it comes to air duct cleaning, many people get confused as to how often they should hire a professional. Typically, the top air duct cleaning companies recommend that you have the ducts cleaned every one to five years. However, more frequent cleaning may be necessary.

Is air duct cleaning really worth it?

Duct Cleaning Services.There’s no research at present proving that routine duct cleaning improves the air quality or reduces dust in your home. There is, however, evidence that dirty heating and cooling coils, motors, and air handling units can make your HVAC unit less efficient.

How long does it take to get your ducts cleaned?

The typical single family home’s air duct system takes between two to four hours to clean with a crew consisting of at least two technicians. Older homes and those with pets may take longer to clean.

Why you should have your air ducts cleaned?

Neither do studies conclusively demonstrate that particle (e.g., dust) levels in homes increase because of dirty air ducts. Pollutants that enter the home both from outdoors and indoor activities such as cooking, cleaning, smoking, or just moving around can cause greater exposure to contaminants than dirty air ducts.

How do I purify the air in my home?

Help keep asthma triggers away from your house by fixing leaks and drips as soon as they start. Standing water and high humidity encourage the growth of dust mites, mold and mildew — some of the most common triggers that can worsen asthma. Use a dehumidifier or air conditioner when needed, and clean both regularly