The team from Total Duct Cleaning was well trained and very professional. I operate machine for automotive manufacturing company and suddenly main machine exhaust stop working the fumes was filing the production facility whit smog. The technicians from Total Duct Cleaning Cleaned up that machine exhaust for two days.
Thank you Total Duct Cleaning for the well done job and for making a difference.
-Matthew W, Toronto

I suffered from allergies all my life. We just bought a new house a month ago and my allergies became worse. A neighbor that had his duct cleaned by Total Duct Cleaning recommended I book an appointment with them to get our ducts cleaned too. When the duct technician showed me, I was appalled to see all the dust and garbage that was left in the ducts from the construction (dry wall dust, insulation and debris). Since they cleaned the ducts I can breathe easier.
Toronto Duct Cleaning, thank you so much for the excellent job!
-Paul S., Mississauga

We just rented an apartment but had a big problem with the terrible smell all over the place. The previous tenants have been smokers and no matter how much we tried we couldn’t get rid of the smell. We opened the windows, painted the walls, replaced the furniture and all but the smell was still there and it was unbearable. Then it dawn to me that a duct cleaning might help. I called Total Duct Cleaning. They performed an amazing service and since then we can enjoy indoor air quality.
Keep on the good work!
-Mary J, Duct Cleaning Toronto

My daughter and I suffer from asthma and dry throat for a long time. My Doctor recommended that the air duct cleaning may relieve the symptoms. He referred me to Toronto Duct Cleaning as they’ve cleaned and sanitized the hospital he’s working at and he also had them clean the ducts in his house. They were very polite and professional, came in time and I could feel the difference as soon as they left. Since they cleaned our ducts, my daughter and I had neither asthma attacks nor dry throat.
Thanks a million Total Duct Cleaning!
-Fatima M, Duct Cleaning Markham

Total Duct Cleaning commercial division provided me with great service. I operate production line for food processing company and some dust start to fall from the ceiling and contaminated the food. We stop the production line and call Total duct cleaning. With in 1 hour the technicians arrived within 3 hours of cleaning the rafters, beams and the ceiling we was working again. Outstanding service provides us with the cleanest environment for our customers and safe place to work.
God bless, Toronto Duct Cleaning!
-Deepak G, Duct Cleaning Brampton

After doing the basement renovation our nephew moved in to live there. After spending a few nights in our basement he kept on sneezing and coughing in the morning. He never had any allergies before and we all wondered what causes these outbreaks.
A friend suggested we get duct cleaning done. We called Total Duct Cleaning and since they’ve cleaned the ducts, our nephew stopped the sneezing and coughing and there’s significant improvement in his health. Now we all enjoy breathing fresh air and I’d recommend it to anyone who has had recently any construction work done.
Great job, Total Duct Cleaning, thank you!
-Mark P, Duct Cleaning Toronto

I was surprised to find out that the HVAC Company refused to install high efficiency furnace until we get the ducts cleaned.We had no other choice but to book duct cleaning online with Total Duct Cleaning. I was impressed by the professionalism and excellent job of their technicians and can’t thank enough for the wonderful job they’ve done. My family felt the difference right away. We could breathe easier and our bill in heating was noticeably reduced. HVAC Company was pleased too and installed the furnace without further delays. Thank you, Total Duct Cleaning!
-Sergey L, Duct Cleaning Mississauga


We just renovate our Toronto house. The drywall dust was covering l main flour after 2-3 hours after main cleaning. Every morning i wake up (6.30am) sneezing and runny nose and i sneeze all the time till about noon I feel very short of breath. I start looking for the best duct cleaning service in town for reliable duct cleaning service in Toronto. I searched in the internet for duct cleaning online service in Toronto in cease they have complete duct cleaning information on line I can book duct cleaning on line bat I have so many questions like:

How much duct cleaning cost?

How much energy can i save cleaning my dryer duct?
What is the difference between dryer cleaning and dryer vent cleaning?
Duct cleaning coupons?
Can the duct cleaning help wit bad odor
I shop around for reliable duct cleaning and a called a local duct cleaning company.
The most details and trustworthy answers I gat from Total Duct Cleaning. Most of the duct cleaning companies will hurry up to book an appointment with out giving me mach duct cleaning explanations like they don’t have time to answer there customers questions.
The only misunderstanding whit Total Duct Cleaning when I call the first time I talk to John Katz and he was handling the Commercial Division of total duct cleaning so he advise me to call Alex for all of main residential duct cleaning questions. After a whole house duct cleaning I could not believe of the amount of debris drywall dust they took out of the ducts. The results from the total duct cleaning in main home was immediately. I was able to sleep normal and wake up fool of energies.

That will help you to chose your local duct cleaning company .